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I went to my cardio dr today and she did an ekg and took my bp. She had my tests from the ER from last month. She said the nuclear imaging showed some abnormality but she wasn't concerned, I am.

She gave me a month's supply of pravigard and told me to tak 1/2 tablet. My bp was very very high also (212/96.

My question is has anyone take this? In essence it is 325mg asprin/40mg pravachol, which im to cut in half.

I forgot to ask how long before i will feel or see the difference? Can i still take my vit. c 500 and my artichoke extract capsules?
Oh my,

I checked the price difference between pravachol and pravigard to get the 30 aspirins...$ 18.03 extra per month. I mean, that's highway robbery. I think I can get a 5 year supply of generic cheapy aspirin for $18.

Are you sure you're not getting 81 mg. aspirin???

I think you can continue the Vitamin C and the artichoke!

Give the statin month to work.
I agree with the other poster about the price difference. That's a lot of money to pay for convenience. Many people take a "baby" aspirin dose every day. It's a blood thinner.
Pravigard PAC is available in different dosage combinations. The recommended daily dose of Pravigard PAC is 40 mg of Pravachol(R) (pravastatin sodium) with either 81 mg or 325 mg of buffered aspirin. Pravigard(TM) PAC is also available with 20 mg or 80 mg of Pravachol packaged with either 81 mg or 325 mg of buffered aspirin.

It is called a "PAC" because the pills are co-packaged with each daily dose side-by-side packed separately. The packaging is designed to make pill management easier. there is no other benefit to the packaging except a higher cost to patients or ins. companies. (Isn't it amazing that a company can get a patent on such a simple idea?)

Which pill are you splitting?

If cost is a concern and the comparative cost is higher than pravachol alone with OTC buffered aspirin, and you have no trouble keeping track of the meds you take, you might run the idea of getting the pravachol and buying OTC aspirin in the proper strength.