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:wave: Hi Benzi and Dea4, thanks for replying. To answer your question Dea4, yes I am on meds....TOO MANY for my liking. The DES(which was taking by my mom to stop the chance of miscarriage) cause me not to ovulate. The rest works but no eggs come down. So far I can not pin point anything else to DES. The HypoT has me on Levothroid 25mcg. AND since the hypoT has other influences I am also taking Zestril 10mg for the high blood pressure ( which was low until the starting of hypoT) and Pravachol 20mg to lower my cholestrol ( which was also low before this) and Zoloft 50mg because of stress I guess and then Nexium 20mg for the acid relux. Unreal. My goal is to be able to find the correct cocktail for the thyroid, get the weight off (80 pounds) and to get off the other meds. I am also on Ortho Cyclen so I have periods that are livable. During my research, I am finding out that just about all my problems lead back to the HypoT......so if I can control that I will be controlling the rest. Thanks for your question. :angel: Sherriof WV