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Did not want you to think no one was willing to share with you. This post was in response to a similar question, but I thought it would not hurt to be seen hereas well.

Wife was on Lipitor, Zocor, and Pravachol. The later drug caused serious sides in 2002. Symptoms were the severe muscle ache and flu like problems without the runs or upchucks. Research at the time suggested "STATINS" were the problem. It was the week-end so we just stopped cold. The result was an 80% LOSS OF ALL STRENGTH. It has not returned even with rehab assistance. You should also know she was taking CO-Q-10 all along.

Bottom line is it has ruined her life and our retirement. Most doctors do not even recognize the symptoms and poo poo so many people and just do not make the connection. SO SAD.

Our advise***be cautious, careful, and vigilant, as "Rabdomyolysis " may do you in before you even know what the problem is all about.

My best to you all.