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Good luck Cyndee, my post is about getting off the Diovan too. I am going to. I've already dropped Pravachol and Hctz (and I refused to go on the aspirin therapy my doctor wanted me on). A few people on my post have done what you are doing. Check out their experiences. But the next one to go for me is the Diovan, no matter what. I will probably wean off of it, though. I'm scared to death of all that stroke stuff the doctors warn you about. You know, I am not really scared of death per se. I'm more scared of paralysis or coma type stuff. But the Diovan has to go. I will not be a prisoner to the pharmaceutical companies any longer. Your bp numbers look good. Let us know how you do. Consider talking it over with your doctor, though. I know sometimes they are not willing to listen, they sure did not listen to me. But our health is our choice. It is our body and our life. I wish more doctors could understand this very simple idea.