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I am a 62-yr-old female who began taking a statin 2 years ago after dietary changes over a period of about a year took TC from 277 to 251 and LDL from 187 to 175.

7 weeks ago I switched from 40mg pravachol to 10 mg lipitor (switch was made for insurance reasons). As I expected, my LDL went down from 123 to 110. HDL went up from 59 to 65, Total down from 193 to 186. My Trigs. are now 53. This seems very low to me. The number was 104 before I started statins so it wasn't that high to begin with. What do such low Trig readings mean? The next time I have a lipid panel I will note that reading again and plan to ask my physician also.

Any wisdom here on the topic?
I can't imagine there is any amount of circulating fats in the blood serum that could ever be deemed TOO LOW.
Tobias, how nice to read that extra 10% hike in HDL from switching from Pravachol to Lipitor. I have a hunch that atorvastatin is the best of the group in regards HDL.

Usually, your triglycerides register more what you've eaten in the last couple days than any longterm status.

Be pleased as Punch with those numbers.