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Quote from momcat1:
That's what I was afraid of, with Welchol. Just what I do not need is something else to aggravate my already challenged digestive system. Unfortunately, the only other thing he could offer me was statins, which I am deathly afraid of. I am the rock in this household, and already have degenerative spine and osteoarthritis. I can't afford to be down, or mentally fuzzy, not even for a minute. I thought the policosanol would help, but either it made things worse, or else didn't touch it and the cholesterol has been skyrocketing. I do need to find something I can work with that isn't going to kill me at the same time! Know of any other supplements that have a better track record than the above?

Hi momcat1,

I currently take 10 mg of pravachol with no side effects. Pravachol is a much milder statin so the results are not as dramatic as the super-statins Crestor, Lipitor etc.. I am trying not to exceed 10 mg a day. I also added
niacin several years ago to help with my HDL. Pravachol is also a "Natural statin" and the most tested and researched. All meds. will have side effects if the dose is high enough.

P.S I recently added "One A Day - Cholesterol Plus" as my Daily multivitamin
which includes Policosanol, Calcium and B6 in a balanced formula to help lower cholesterol and maintain blood pressure. I think the policosanol
appears to come from sugar cane (the good stuff). The ingredients on the label states: "Policosanol (Saccharum officinarum, L.)"

I also added the Mineral "Chromium" 200mcg a day. The Chromium type is Chromium (GTF).

I will have my next set of blood tests the end of this month. I guess I can get a better idea if these supplements are working.

Note: If you can't tolerate the Niacin flush. Add 500 - 1000mg a day of Niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate) a day. This formula causes no side effects at all. CVS pharmacy offers a great price on 100 capsules. Sometimes buy 1 get 1 free etc..

I hope this helps