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Dear Ls, myxin, livinginfear - all of you. You have blessed me in incredible ways. I trust you know that.
LS You need to know this about me - I believe almost everything. If you suggested that I chew on a chair leg, eat a weasel, or smoke bamboo chips I either have already done it or would intend to the very next chance I get. I appreciate the advise regarding the list of herbals. Will the vitamin/herb guy know what dose to take and will these interfere with my meds - Agenerase, Epivir, Viread, and Norvir. (Also Toprol XL, Pravachol, and Prevacid.)?
Certainly, the most frustrating things is that the doctor who first diagnosed me (and who kept me alive) is not practising for the moment and does education. The only surgeon I trust in now practising in North Carolina. And, my most recent PCP, is doing an ER Fellowship.. So, my PCP is new (although he keeps in contact with both of old PCPs). I spoke with the surgeon (now in NC) and have faxed everything to him. But I still feel less certain of the new docs whcih has just about shot my anxiety through the roof. (Which, right now, is the only thing getting off.)
OK, I will stay calm...I will focus on my inner self...I will put Faure on the CD player. Thanks, as usual, for everything.