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Thank you zuzu for the answers to my questions. About a year ago i bought a welby automatic monitor. everytime i took it i got a different reading. Not knowing how normal that was , i drove myself crazy taking it everytime i thought of it, trying to get a stable number. Eventually i just threw it away thinking there was something wrong with it.

Using your method my bp is 127/72. that's wonderful . It was 190/109 last monday at drs. I'm still not sure why, waiting for bloodwork.

I'm on benicar hct and dynacirc. I also take lescol xl which i hate. I stopped taking it on monday evening, i was haveing such foot, knee and back pains. the pain has nearly gone completely away, back still hurts a little. Might start taking it again tonight to see if the pain returns in a few days. I've had trouble with lipitor, pravachol and another one i can't remember. I wish i could find one that works for me.

but again, thanks for your help. :wave: