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Thanks to the other 'stenters' for your responses. A comforting feeling to make contact with all of you. I too had a bad bleed, fortunately in the right arm, where the wrist had been used as the stent insertion site. Took about 4 weeks to get the haemoglobin levels back up to near normal, the exercise not helped by being a vegetarian - no quick way to increase iron levels in the bloodstream, apart from chewing on a few nails. But a relatively small price to pay to avoid a bypass!
Have been on Plavix [75mg] and Aspirin [100mg] since having the stenting done, and to date no 'stomach' problems.
Have had a long history of high cholesterol, and an aversion to statins. The usual aches and pains! Recently tried Ezetrol. Again bad side effects, involving lower back pain, and severe stomach pain after 5 days of being on the medication. Back again now trying Pravachol. Seemed to be the best tolerated. Still some aches and pains, but figure that its a good trade off to maintain the current state of my arteries.
In Australia, figures for cholesterol, HDL, LDL etc given in a different format eg My total cholesterol was given as 8.6, so am finding it difficult to relate it to American system of presentation. Does anyone know what the conversion factors are?
Thanks again for the feedback. Take Care.

That total cholesterol of 8.6 (335 American) is horribly high for someone with heart disease. I hope that is the reading BEFORE the Pravachol...any idea of what it might be WITH the pravachol?

Has anyone looked into atherectomy in the event we get any clogs in these plumbing rigs of ours? I, for one, will NOT have a bypass...no matter the consequences.
Lenin.......Reading Was before Pravachol. After 2 months on 40 mg of Pravachol reading had dropped to around 4.5. Cardiologist then suggested that current wisdom dictated that readings for people with CVD should be of the order of 3.5, and that I should double my dose of Pravachol. I am on the Pravachol because I could not tolerate the other statins. Was very uneasy about doubling the dose...effect on liver/muscle function etc. and I made decision NOT to increase dose after looking at charts which indicated that doubling the dose of Pravachol would ONLY decrease my total cholesterol by about 3%. Not a good trade off! So, back on the Pravachol [40mg], after a bad experience with Ezetrol [Zetia], and being very careful with my diet.