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I first want to say how grateful I am for these boards. I have lurked everywhere here, but when I came to this board, lightbulbs went off! This is my first post. I am a 35 yr old female.

For the last few months, I have had increasing chest pains, with tight strangled feeling neck, eventually taking me to the E.R. about a month ago with what I thought was a heart attack. All heart tests came back normal, even a nuclear stress test. My regular doc has referred me to a cardiologist (appt. Tues.) for a possible heart cath test to be sure, as I now have high cholesterol (LDL 179) and just started Pravachol to lower it. The thought of that cath test scares me.

In the meantime, while following up with my regular doc, I began noticing high resting heart rates, spiking blood pressure, rapid weight loss (I am already THIN), along with many other thyroid symptoms, so I asked about thyroid tests, and had the blood test yesterday. Well the Dr office called today to tell me my FTI was elevated, suggesting "possible early hyperthyroidism" and is referring me to a endocronologist (as well as the cardiologist). I almost cried...FINALLY a possible REAL reason for my endless symptoms. Looking back, I can now see it has possibly manifested for years.

Anyway, I am not sure wich blood tests were run, and the ONLY information I have is that my FTI was 14.46. The nurse who called said it should be between 4.4 - 11.4. What does this mean?

I am wondering about Hashis since I also have a few hypo symptoms. Also wondering about Graves? What are the symptoms of those diseases? Also, what are the proper tests for Hashis or Graves? I want to go to the endocronologist as informed as possible.

Again, thank you for this board and all of you. I am grateful, grateful!

Thank you so much.