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I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm a bit of a hypochondriac, especially about anything cancer related... but with that said...

I'm a little concerned about my mom. I noticed once (when she accidentally forgot to flush) that her stools were a little on the thin side (about the diameter of a dime). I confronted her about it because I'm well aware that thin stools are a sign of colon cancer, and she said that she has always been like that, and that she's never been a "big pooper". She is insistent that there is never any visible blood. However, I have noticed that her frequency has gone up a little... although I'm not sure if I've just noticed it because I keep bugging her about it or what. I always thought she ran more on the constipated side of things, whereas now I know she's going every day, at least once (but probably 2-3).

She refuses a colonoscopy for whatever reason, and its a big source of conflict between us. I'm pretty certain it'd take her pooping a bowl full of blood before she'd get one- and trust me, I've tried every tactic to get her to have one.

I talked her into taking Citrucel on a daily basis, hoping that might change her usual thin stools. That just started today. I know everyone talks about "pencil thin" stools, and they weren't quite that thin, but definitely not quarter sized. I guess I'm asking if thin stools are considered a big symptom if she has had it all her life?

She does have diabetes, and was apparently diagnosed with colitis when she was pregnant with me (23 years ago.) I know diabetes causes GI issues, but I'm just wondering what you guys think.

I know she should have a colonoscopy, but she is adamant against it. She had a digital rectal exam back in July after a case of food poisoning, and she has to see a doctor every three months for her diabetes. She's going to the drs on Monday for a routine checkup, and I know the only way I'll be able to get a colonoscopy out of her is if her blood tests come back with anemia.

I'm willing to take her word that her stools have always been on the thin side, but i am concerned about the increased frequency. She did just start a new cholesterol med (pravachol), could that cause it?

Do you think fiber will help? (she's not a huge fruit/veggie eater... so I'm guessing her fiber amounts are less than stellar.)

Thanks in advance for any and all advice. I appreciate it.