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Actually, Ihaven't taken Inderal for over 20 yrs. But, I DO remember having really colorful weird dreams. This may not happen to everyone that takes it. Right now, although I'm on Corgard, I also take a med for depression and have been for 6 1/2 yrs. It makes me have the same thing. i am wired so differently than most I think. My electricical system is super duper sensitive. As I stated before, I feel every single PVC ( Unfortunately) and my Cardiologist as well as Electro doc feel this is so sad .. Ha. They can't believe that I hit the button on the holtor monitors and caught every single episode. Say there was just no way I should have felt some of them. WELL, I DID! It's early morning on May 1st., and I have been thinking all night off and on ( since I never sleep an entire night) that today I will make some life changes for the better. I will eat better and start walking on my treadmill again. Baby steps for me. I will learn that I cannot eat late at night or I will just have to suffer the consequences of Lot Of PVC"S. I need to eat mini meals. I will TRY this. I do know that even if I'm having 10 per minute, if I try to eat , they go wild!! Yes, in answer to my electro telling me that if my PVC's didn't ease up, at some point, my heart would weaken. I fell apart in his office . Thank goodness my hubby was with me. He told me this when I asked him what is the worst thing that could happen to me besides going into V-tach? He is a really good doc., I just decided to end the patient dr. relationship because I felt he was definately not as compasionate as I felt he should. He told me that most of his patients just live their lives and accept it. He also told me that in all his yrs. of practice, he has never had anyone feel every single one like I do. made me feel angry and sad. I think he was tired of dealing with me. I always brought a list of questions, and HE DIDN'T LIKE THAT!! He would say " oh my goodness , you've brought more questions, haven't we gone over everything already more than once?" So, now I don't have an electro doc. BTW My cardiologist , also in Austin, same practice, sent me for the new CT Scan of the heart just to rule out that these were in fact not being caused by some blockage or something structural the echo-stress test didn't pick up. I have a zero calcium score, and 20% soft plaque in two arteries. No narrowing, what so ever. But the plaque is SOFT..and unstable. I know what that means. That it can break off easier than hard plaque and cause a stroke or heart attack. This is what he "gently" told hubby and me.He also said it is completely reversible. The soft plaque. I have been on OMACOR, a newer prescription to help lower cholesterol. It is just really high powered omega 3. Cardiologist sent me to an endroconologist ( am I being passed around like a crazy person??) who did a ton of tests. Like the 24 hr. pee in the bottle test. They tried me on Pravachol, for my cholesterol, and I thought I had turned to stone. i know people that take this med and don't have this reaction, but I couldn't get out of bed by only the second day. My upper spine felt like itwas going to cave in. I ached all over. I wanted this statin drug to work SO BAD! I have terrible tryg. and cholest. #'s . But still not on a statin. Just the Omacor. Truthfully, if I would just get off my rear and stop feeling so sorry for myself,and exercise , just walking etc., this would help lots. I will let you all know my progress. i need prayers from those of you that pray!!! Thanks so much.