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I am 49yrs old and was recently told by my physician that my fasting glucose was 109 which is now considered in the "pre" diabetes range.I have started to go low carb to get my weight down (about 40lbs over), and exercise. A friend gave me her old accucheck monitor and I've been doing morning fasting fingersticks and getting 110, 112, 107. My dr. said fasting should be between 70-100, and that 100-126 is this prediabetic stage.
I started to wonder if the meds I'm taking could alter glucose levels and thought I'd ask here while I do other searches.
The meds I take are Dyazide 37.5, Pravachol 20mg, Norvasc 10mg---all 1x/day.
Questions: Does anyone have any experience with any of these meds that have raised your glucose levels?? If dyazide is the culprit I want to stop it before I get diagnosed with diabetes. It doesn't run in my family and I don't want to be the one to start it!
Isn't it possible that norvasc alone can do the job for blood pressure control??