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Hi Ipaul,

I'm sorry i don't know your answer but i'm writing to you because we both are guys and i would like to know more about hypothyroidism in other guys. To tell you the truth i don't know too much about it. I was diagnose summer of 2000 after i had surgery. My doctor put me on meds and the adjusted it about three or four times that last time was last month when my tsh came back 5.56 (0.34 - 5.60) My tsh 6 month ago was 2.31 I'm now on 125mg Levothroxine after being on 112mg Levoxyl. at one point i was on 150mg Levoxyl but the doctor said he was over medicating me.

The question i have is i don't feel any differant when i take the 112mg or the 150mg. To tell you the truth the only complaint i have is my skin is so dry i think i can use it as sandpaper and my hair is dry too. Oh yeah once every few days or so i get like spasm like in my heart i hear the meds might do that so i'm not too worried about that.

I don't know if he ever did more then just a tsh test on me. He never told me if he did the t4. t3 or the free t4 or free t3 or anything else should i ask him about them? and what would happen if i stopped taking the meds for hypo? I'm just wondering (i have no plans to stop taking them)

Bye the way i'm 46 somewhat over weight and i'm on 80mg Pravachol and 40 mg protonix (acid reflex).

Thanks you any help i just would like to hear a mans point of view on this subject.