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Last week was terrible. Bam i was down! Fatique, depression, crabby, migraine (light sensitivity and acute hearing) but the worst was the muscle pain. It started in my legs and after five horrible days it spread to all my muscles. It felt as if i had worms crawling under my muscles. I am on pravachol for high cholesterol and aricept for memory. The dr increased aricept a few days before these symptoms started. I haven't been on cholesterol meds long either. Both can cause muscle pain. I had blood work done friday to check on muscle break down and they came back normal so pcp doesn't think its chol. meds. The migraines have gone, drepression almost gone, fatigue comes and goes, but the muscle pains especially my legs are still here. Not as bad though. I put a call into my dr this am but didn't hear back yet. How long does it take for your drs to call you back? I don't know if i should take my muscle relaxers for this since my other neuro ordered it for me. I can't think as good as i once could. I was up 2 nights with the painful legs. I guess I'm a little confused whether I should be calling dr or not. Thanks for helping. Love Lily