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Thanks for all the info. Most of what you are asking me I can't answer. I originally went to her 10 years ago to balance my hormones after a total hysterectomy, no one could help me with profuse sweating, my thinking was I needed an endocrinologist. She is basically better than my PC. This is the first time she said "your sugar is high, 189" (from blood tests I have done every 6 months) they did a test on my finger in the office and it was 100, that is all I know. My triglycerides have been high a few time which is why she put me on pravachol. She feels I am pre-diabetic. I do know it runs in the family, I need to lose 20 lbs, my appetite is bad, I can go all day and not eat much. I have a lot of other issues (back injury, menieres, asthma) and I do work. I wish I felt better, I always am dragging. I will get that book and see what happens. Thanks,