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I've got constant Angina again. How do you guys deal with it? Anything new out there to try?

I'm on .8 nitro patch - 60 mg Isordil - Plendil - Atenolol - Tikosyn - Plavix / Aspirin - Lasix / Potassium - Pravachol(new) - Zetia - Albuterol - (Plus a lot of meds for pain)

I’ve got a pacemaker, had a 5X bypass, and Stents. I’m looking toward another Heart Catherization this month if it does not ease off. What other treatment is out there?


One has to hesitate adding anything to that pharmacopeia of yours. You really have all the angina basis covered with a beta-blocker, diuretic, calcium channel blocker, and nitrate...there isn't anything else.
IF I were in your heavy boots, I might consider a trial wiht 40 mg./day nadolol as a replacement for the atenolol. It is a more potent beta-blocker.
I think it's beta-blockade that you must concentrate on. It might fight the albuterol though becasue it is non-selective...but I'd try anyway.

When you say "constant angina," do you mean even sitting quietly in front of the tube?

God I hope they get that offending artery once and for all this time...maybe the pravachol will help keep it open?