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Hello everyone,

I just had a quick question for anyone? Here are the stats:

Female, 45yr
60-70 pounds over weight
very active at work

1) Hx high cholesterol for 15-20 yrs (Taking 20 mg pravachol all these yrs)
2) suddenly dose had to be increased 2 yrs ago to 40 mg pravachol
3) husband is diabetic - He was told his diabetes was due to his weight increase of 45 pounds after quitting smoking. His labs always shows his Triglyceride numbers in the 80's range.
4) Suddenly 8 mo ago I developed diabetes & I argued with the Dr & said if I eat better & loose weight then it will go away naturally. She said no you are predisposed to it by a very strong family history of it. Dr. said it wouldn't matter how much better I ate or how much weight I lost that I would still be diabetic. Standing stern that lifestyle changes would not change my diabetes. She feels strongly about this because when my lab work came back my triglycerides was like almost 600 & she said they should be 100 or less. She put me on Tricore to lower triglycerides followed by lab work 4 mo later. The number was still in the 350 range. Is this the test that tells her I will be diabetic regardless what I do????

Is it true, no matter what I do I will still be diabetic??? I'm only on 500mg Glucaphage per day. Dr did tell me at that time that I will need more meds for sure but lets start at that. I see her in a week to follow-up. I'm also having trouble controlling my numbers too.

Have a good day!