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If you had such horrible weakness and pain from pravachol, it is very likely that Crestor will do the same. You can TRY 5 mg. but it might cause you mucho grief. Even at 5 mg., Crestor is a very stong drug.

Your numbers are improving a lot and an LDL of 110 is tolerable as long as you don't have heart disease. Maybe keeping up the weight loss along with your current regimen is good enough.

The Welchol is a bile SEQUESTERENT which binds to bile, which is high in cholesterol, in the intestines and escorts it out the body rather than allowing it to be resorbed into the liver. THis forces the liver to make fresh bile and it pulls cholesterol out of the blood to do it. Net effect is a lowered serum cholesterol.

FORMULARY is the list of drugs that an insurance company will cover or else cover at favorable rates. If you go OUTSIDE the formulary and choose something other drug, you will pay a greater share or even ALL of the cost yourself.