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When I embarked on my diet in mid October of 2007, I weighed several portions of the food I preferred to consume and got a reasonable understanding of calorie values.

Yesterday, I ate the following; whole wheat pita and chicken breast, apple with 2 tbspn. of almond butter, 2 tbspn. of almond butter, baked beans with whole wheat bread and small portion of chicken breast, flax seed with cottage cheese, 2 tbspn. almond butter.

I caluclate the calories to be 1,275 but recognize that I might be 10-20% off. As mentioned, I began this diet around Oct. 20th of 2007 and to date, have lost approx. 35lbs. In addition to this, I exercise 6 days per week, jogging 3 miles and brisk 1.6 mile walk.

My target weight is 190lbs which leaves me with 45lbs still to go! On other days, I'll consume different items with sometimes more or less fruits and vegetables. One thing I have come close to completely eliminating is refined carbs. For me at least, this was essential in adhering to any sort of diet because all a small "sensible" portion of chips or chocolate did for me was lead to the desire for more. I think eating chips and chocolate is probably like riding a bicycle, you never lose the "skill", but, after a certain time, I believe you lose the craving. I don't focus too much on what I eat and even if I eat the same things with regularity. Some diets preach a relentless variety and having fish 2-3 times per week. Much as I like fish, after 2-3 times in one week, I can go 2-3 weeks without eating it!

The motivating factor for me was the initial diagnosis of HBP. When someone in my age bracket (55) shows up with HBP and overweight, one of the procedures followed is to evaluate certain organ functions and lipid profiles via a blood test. Like many other people here, mine revealed elevated cholesterol and glucose levels. At my first Dr.'s visit, I was prescribed 5mg/20mg of a CCB/ ACE combination and at my 2nd visit 10 days later, that dose was increased to 10mg / 40mg. Additionally, I was prescribed 40mg of pravachol. 30 Days into my diet, exercise, medication regimen, the changes in my lipid profiles were very dramatic and my BP was also reduced. From initial office readings that were 180-230 / 115-130, I presently experience between 95-110 / 60-65 after morning exercise to 115 - 130 / 70-80 in the afternoon. My next goal is to try and reduce the process with the medication by lowering the doses. In a strange way, as I have continued to lose weight and supposedly increase my fitness, I think some side effects of the medication are becoming more pronounced.

Sometimes maintaining the motivation is difficult but at those times, I focus on the consequences of elevated BP, glucose and cholesterol. As inspirational as this board is, it also reveals that medicine does not provide a solution, merely a palliative.

I was angry when I discoved I had HBP because I think that subconsciously, I knew it would require some changes, one of which was my relationship with food. I hesitate to get into the "psycho-babble" aspects of eating, but I did not want to contemplate giving up the ice cream and chocolate!

The great things about diet and exercise are that everyone can avail themselves of the benefits. The mathematic equation for weight loss and BP is that the Sys level drops 1 point for every 2 lbs in body weight. That drop is free of any consequences or side effects from medications!

Good luck to all in your quests for health!