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I got my latest labs and I don't talk to my doctor until next week, so I'm curious about what these numbers mean and what I should be asking my doctor. Since my FT4 is so low, do I need more T4? With my FT3/T3 so high, does it mean the T3 isn't getting into the cells but pooling up in my blood (because of the reverse T3)?

I'm being treated for hypoT and adrenal fatigue. About a week ago, I went through 2 weeks of feeling really hyper, agitated, fast pulse and elevated anxiety. Now I've been calmer, but I'm fatigued, sleepy, my muscles ache and the brain fog is worse. The only change in my thyroid med between the labs was the addition of 5 mcg Cytomel in the afternoon. I have been on 60 mg Armour since November. Also added between labs was 3,000 iu of Vit. D3. I also took myself off of Pravachol (cholesterol lowering drug) 1 month ago to see if it eliminated the aches in my legs. At first I thought it was helping, but now the aches are back and my cholesterol is worse.


My labs:
TSH - 0.14 (0.30 - 5.00)
FT4 - 0.7 (0.6 - 1.6)
FT3 - 490 (230 - 4 2 0)
T3 Total - 243 (60 - 181)
Reverse T3 - still pending

December (same ranges as above)
TSH - 0.16
FT4 - 0.6
FT3 - 333
T3 Total - 158
Reverse T3 - 251 (elevated)