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Has anyone taking cholesterol medication having difficult with reflux? I was put on Pravachol several years ago and developed a relfux problem maybe two years ago. After visits to my primary care and a follow-up look down my throat with some instruments, it was decided that my reflux was due to my using cholesterol medication. Anybody else have that happen?
After reading your post, I had to stop and think when i was put on Pravachol that is when I started having problems. Lump in throat, then i had Dr. change them and i got alot of heartburn and pain across my chest. He wanted to run tests to rule out heart first and it was fine then he stated the upper GI and went to gastro Dr who ordered all the other tests. I had a scope done ( edg} Jan 16 and have sick since. It has been full blown. The test showed i have gastritis and esophophitis I was also sent to a ent because of the lump in throat and feeling so much flem in throat i felt like i was choking. I have been having a awful time feel like I am choking all the time, Big lump in throat, ear hurts, Can't eat anything but alot of chicken broth and yogurt. Anyway the good news is today is the best day I have had. I am almost afraid to say that afraid it will jinx me lol . My throat does not have the lump today. I pray it will stay that way!!!!Now I am going to try to eat some real food today....