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Before listing the #'s, I will point out that I have consumed fish oil supplements, CoQ10 and various other vitamins for many years before I had the first of these tests;

10/29/07: TriG- 262, TC - 270, HDL - 37, LDL -181 (AST 21)
Weight at Dr's office - 266#
Prescribed daily dose 40mg Pravachol

12/10/07: TriG - 117, TC - 164, HDL - 39, LDL - 102 (AST 28)

2/15 /08: TriG - 137, TC - 161, HDL - 43, LDL -91 (AST 37)
Weight at Dr's office -233#

Since my visit on 10/29/07, I lost 33 lbs and intensified my exercise and focused on a diet that eliminated most refined carbs. When I mentioned that I was feeling some aches that I thought were statin related, the Dr. immediately suggested withdrawing the Pravachol and substituting Lipitor at a 10mg dose. This surprised me given the debate here on Lipitor side effects.

Of some concern to me was the steady rise in my AST #, although it's far below any chronic point. We "settled" on reducing my Pravachol dose to 20mg daily and see where that leads. If I maintain my present diet and exercise regime, I hope to lose another 40lbs to get to my ideal weight. I think that point should have a further beneficial effect on my lipids. My BP meds were also reduced by 50%.

I'd be interested to hear opinions on the Lipitor suggestion and the efficacy of cutting the Pravachol dose in half.

If you are having side effects from one statin, the chances are that you will get side effects from all of them. Cutting the Pravachol in half sounds like a good idea. Or maybe you want to try stopping it altogether. Losing weight may be all you need to do.
[QUOTE=kmartin971;3484104]I dropped my total from 270 to 142 thru diet and exercise after being told to go on drugs! Drop the drugs and eat heathly and exercise often!

I would have to say my diet is quite healthy, no refined carbs and very little saturated fat. A daily calorie intake of between 12-1600. Exercise 6 days per week, run 3 miles, fast pace walk 1.6. Present statin dose is daily 20mg pravachol.

My target weight is 185 -190 lbs,presently 228 lbs. Am losing 1.5 - 2 lbs per week. Will check my lipids again in another 90 days.