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[QUOTE=red-rider;3473593]I have been on Diovan for 4yrs and it was causing me awful heartburn.
Today the doc gave me samples of Benicar to try. Imagine my amazement
when I read on the bottle "Product of Japan":eek:
I had no clue. I know to be careful at the dollar store for OTC drugs that are made in India and Canada and China~but Benicar is an expensive prescription drug for HBP and I thought it would be made in the USA.
China is putting lead in everything from pet food to toys to candy.
What about Japan~can we trust them with our very health?
this has me more than concerned. Any Benicar users here?
what do ya think?

Hi Red-rider,

Many of our drugs are now being developed and made in JAPAN, including PRAVACHOL (Bristol Meyers) and other cardio drugs. Many drugs come from EUROPE. I think that JAPAN'S high manufacturing standards allow large American companies to feel comfortable with their products and technologies. I think you should be much more concerned with American Generic Drug Companies, which are always being cited for FDA violations. When taking an American generic... Take at your own risk...