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In another thread, I mentioned that my Dr. (who had been taking a statin himself) was quite clued into side effects. I started on 40mg of generic pravachol and dropped that to 20mg because I had a very significant weight loss, exercise pattern and dietary change. With the statin, these things caused my numbers to plummet.

However, the moment I alluded to pain and discomfort,my Dr. suggested dropping the statin right away. He indicated going on something like a 10mg dose of Lipitor. From what I understand reading here, Lipitor may have even more intense side effects.

At any rate, I completely stopped the statin 4 days ago and the disomfort I had is still present. I'll keep off it for 30 days, test my blood and see how I feel. People express differing time frames to recover from perceived side effects. Good luck.