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Its a scary thing to know you have plaque in your arteries and even with taking statins it still gets worse. I think the only way to really slow it down is to do a drastic Ornish type diet which is not an easy thing to do but I am again going to attempt it starting tomorrow. I know for a fact I have the same disease as Russert and I am only 43. I had an angiogram that showed 3 arteries had narrowing in them of about 30 percent. This was last August. I am sure by now its between 40-45 percent. I am now taking Niaspan and Pravachol and will start the Ornish diet tomorrow. I also will start walking/jogging for 30 mins a day starting tomorrow as well.

Russert supposedly did the treadmill and medicines route and he still had plaque burst and end his life so its kinda troubling to hear that.