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Greathokie I feel exactly as you do. I am only 43 years old and I had a calcium score of 180 or so in March 2006. Since I always have chest pain they sent me for a angiogram last August. I have 3 narrowed arterys with 5 spots all together that are narrowed by 30 percent each. As soon as they told me that I felt like a death sentence was imposed on me. I grew very depressed and till this day I am not handling it well. I have gone on and off a few different things like the Ornish diet , Pauling therapy and now I am doing sort of a mixture of both of them along with the vitamin D and even drinking Pomegranate juice because supposedly it has been shown to reduce Plaque.

I take 40mg of Pravachol and 750mg of Niaspan every day plus 2 baby aspirins and 50mg of Toprol and about 4 grams of Vitamin C with Proline and Lysine. I also take a multivitamin and a B-Complex and a few other supplements. I look at what happened to a guy like Tim Russert and that is what I fear my fate will be. And there isn't a damn thing I can do but wait for it , and I hate that feeling. It has driven me to get high and not care quite a few nights over the past year. I just wish there was something real out there that was proven to remove dangerous plaque from our arterys.

I know people all over the planet have plaque in there arterys , whether in their hearts arterys or their carotid or wherever and I know it starts from early childhood but once your TOLD that your arterys have a noticable narrowing to them its just a bummer. I do also look at it like now I know so I do eat very low fat , have a lot of spinach and grilled veggies in my diet. I don't take in a lot of cholesterol and try and avoid most saturated fats. Still , it sucks to have this problem. I am wondering if at one time Tim Russert didn't feel the same way.