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Unfortunately statins just don't work for some people, I have been on max doses of all of the statins including crestor. The one that was working best for me was 80mg of pravachol combined with 10mg of ezetrol. It got my comb chol down to 5.8 (aust measure 3.5 is the "normal" range).
Unfortunately it started effecting my muscles and they found serious amounts of CPK in my blood from muscle breakdown. I was put onto 80 mg pravachol my chol rose to 7.1. Still had CPK. Went off all statins 3 weeks ago . Last weeks blood test showed chol at 9.1. All I am on now is 3000 mg of fish oil.
Lipitor and crestor left me fuzzy and confused at high dose. High doses of zocor caused me chest pains . Low doses of pravachol had no noticible side effects but did little to lower my cholesterol. I am under a nephrologist now for kidney problems and he has told me he will be dealing with my cholesterol as well. HOW I don't know!