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Seven years ago I was put on pravachol for my cholesterol. It made my muscles in my back and legs ache. I stopped taking it and got better. I haven't taken anything in seven years except flax seed oil or fish oil.I had blood work again and my numbers are up.Doctor wants me to take zocor. I explained to him about my previous experience. He said to take Coq10 a couple of days before starting the Zocor and it should help with the muscle aches. My question is what are the possibilities of the Zocor affecting me like the Pravachol? I'm skeptical about taking the Zocor because of this.
Does anyone else have problems with nerve pain/tingling while taking statins? I have been taking pravachol for almost a year now, and have had worsening symptoms for about 9 of those months. I stopped taking the meds for 3 weeks w/o much benefit. Any ideas?