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Prednisone is not working, Hi went to my hemo today, I have been on 70 mg Prednisone for one week, my rbc count is still dropping, it has dropped from 8.2, to 6.4, so I am now up to 120 mg prednisone, and go in in the morning to start the Retuxin treatment, and my hemo is contacting the surgion to tell him that we need to look at doing a spleenectomy, and treat it as a emergency , So needless to say I am scared right now. I have been dealing with this for going on 4 years now, and the treatments seem to be effective for shorter periods. But I will make it through this. Just alittle scared.
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I'm so sorry that you're having so many problems. I remember the feeling of hemoglobin at 6.4 and it's awful. Did the hemotologist give you an idea of how quickly the Rituxin could start working?

Are you going to go ahead with the splenectomy? keep us posted, K?

You are in my thoughts and prayers,

Dear Jackie and Annabella, thank you so much for your support this is what I needed, yeah it really sucks everything takes so much energy it seems, I did start my first Retuxin treatment today, and am SCHEDULED THE 11TH if I am not in for surgery yet, I have had the retuxin before it is 4 treatments, it is not a quick acting treatment, My hemo has me down and consulted with the surgeon as urgent, So I now go in at 9 am to my hemo for blood work, and instead of the 19th I now have a appointment at 12:40 with the surgeon, The nurse said today that I most likely will be scheduled for surgery next week , and then it will be decided if I will continue the Retuxin Treatments afterwards.I am doing ok on the 120 mg of Prednisone, not sleeping much but I think it is starting to kick in a bit, which it needs to before I could have surgery, the pulsating in my ears are not as bad today as yesterday. Thank you again for being here, I love to read your posts! Deb :angel:
[QUOTE=99 stang]Debeeg, Sorry to hear things are not going so well since your last post. Good luck and I will look for your updates on this board.

I can really related to the pulsating in the ears, in the last 2 weeks it has gotten worst, and a few times I have felt very dizzy and had to actually sit down!

Hope you feel better. Marilyn
Thank You so much Marilyn, yeah it has been stressfull the last few days, I am dealing better today, I went to my Hemo had my blood tested I am at 6.5, So I guess I am stablizing, I found out that I need to have some vacinations done before the surgery, I then had an appointment with the surgeon, We disscussed the surgery, it is going to be set up for week after next I am hoping the the 120 mgs prednisone will have kicked in, and I will have the second retuxin treatment done by then. So I am just taking one day at a time and taking care, enjoying my kids, and grandbaby, I am 43 and I just want to feel better, and get on with my life, I don't like feeling so negative, Thank you again for the responses. have a wonderful weekend! :jester:

You've been on the 120 mg of prednisone for the past couple of days...how are you managing? I remember the feeling of 100 mg....I was SO AWAKE! I felt like I could do so much between 2 and 4 am.

The pulsing ear thing was driving my nuts until the got the hemoglobin until control.

Anyway, do continue to keep us posted. I feel so badly that you have to go through this...I know it's one of my big fears that the prednisone will stop working and I will have to go the splenectomy/Rituxin route.