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This is Holly again. =o)

After posting my concern, I've been scrolling through other posts on this board. I thought I would come back and add some more information about myself.

I have used prednisone rather extensively, for the asthma. Of course I use other inhaled steroids (AdVair) and other asthma meds, but there are times when they are not enough. I do not have any allergies or anxiety-asthma (does that really even exist?) ... it is simply, deathly hormonal, intensifying right before my periods and in the beginning stages of pregnancy, when hormones fluctuate.

The asthma started, abruptly and severely, when I was 21. After trying all different treatments and having some near-deaths, I became good friends with prednisone. However, two years later, type 1 diabetes hit me. It was the typical overnight onset of late juvenile, type 1, diabetes (I was thin at the time - only overweight in recent years), and of course, prednisone was suspected as the culprit... but I have still had to continue using prednisone off and on, when my standard asthma treatments fail.

In the past three years (two pregnancies), I've gained a lot and lost a lot. I am still working on losing 20 more pounds, but I have already lost over 40 in the past 6 months! (My body did not handle pregnancy well!) I'm walking a lot, often 3 miles a day.

Walking does not hurt at all, not during or afterwards or anything. I notice my "invisible bruise" when I'm sitting around or playing on the floor with my kids. I'm really starting to believe it is a stress fracture... but if that's the case, should I be concerned about weak/brittle bones?

Sorry to be so word-y!
Wow, that's interesting! I'm glad I'm not alone...I hope whatever this is isn't serious for us. What are you thinking about yours? Do you have any other health issues?

Hormonal asthma... it might have another name, lol, but that's how I describe it. It isn't quite "accepted" in the medical field yet, only by a few doctors. But many women experience it, and I've been able to find it talked about online. Yay for the internet. My pulmonologists have just said that I have basic, severe asthma, and seem to blow off the correlation with my monthly cycles. I have been tested and treated for every "common" cause of asthma, allergies, sensitive airways, etc. But I have no allergies, and my airways are only sensitive at certain times. After my first year of being hospitalized every month for severe asthma (though I was taking my meds faithfully), it finally dawned on me that these episodes came just before my period. I've been telling my doctors, but they've never heard of the correlation, except that perhaps I get more stressed/pms-y/uptight? No... Anyway, in the days before my period, my airways get progressively "tighter." The same thing happened in the first weeks of each of my pregnancies, even more severely. I have asked my endocrinologist if hormone replacement/therapy would help, but he thinks it is more the actual fluctuation of hormones, not a lack/surplus of one in particular. Advair has been very effective in preventing these flare-ups. But sometimes even it is not enough, and that's when I need prednisone. As far as normal asthma triggers like dust or smoke - they do not bother me at all unless I'm "tight" to begin with.

Hope that answer wasn't too long. =o)

I am very very curious about our "invisible bruises"!!! I've about decided that it's a stress fracture, which has me worried about my bones. I know I need to see a doctor, but I hate to make a big deal about something if it's not serious. I feel like I "complain" about my health too much as it is, and people might think I'm a hypochondriac. I like to look online and see what it could be first, anyway. I hope we will find something out.