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I had a bone scan last week, and met with the doctor today to view the results. I definitely have a stress fracture in my lower left tibia, shin bone. It showed up as a big absolute black area, like colored in with black marker. The doctor said it should heal on its own without treatment, as long as I don't run on it. Actually, walking/running doesn't hurt it at all, only side-impact like when my little girl steps on it when we're playing. Anyway, it should heal on its own, okay...

Besides the absolute black area (stress fracture), most of both tibia bones were also black, like colored with black crayon, instead of gray/white. He said he called this shin splints. Huh? I thought shin splints were a temporary pain caused by walking. I have certainly experienced them before, quite intensely, but not in the past year! I've been walking quite a bit with no "shin splints" or pain at the fracture site either.

He, the orthopedic specialist, seemed to be in a hurry. He said if the fracture area didn't seem to heal, I was to come back in a few weeks. I was going to ask him what he meant by "shin splints," and if there was anything I could be doing to help these bones... but he was suddenly out the door. Grrrr.

I am having a bone density scan tomorrow, to check for osteoporosis, as I've used prednisone extensively over the past ten years for asthma. I also use thyroid supplements, and osteoporosis runs in my family. Last year while I was pregnant I had stress fractures in my metatarsals. I would like to know what's going on with my bones!

Thanks, anyone, if you can tell me why my shin bones were black ("shin splints") and anything I can do to help my stress fracture heal, etc. I suppose if the bone density scan shows osteoporosis, I will be given further consultation. ...Meanwhile I'm just frustrated.