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Hi everyone!
Well I had to go back to the ENT doctor yesterday. I still have a sore throat and hard to swallow,gag-like feelings. He said that since the last (strong) antib didn't change anything, the infection was gone. My hyoid tip was inflammed and he said I needed to try Prednisone and also Protonix for possible acid reflux. Ugh! I really hate taking sooooo much medicines! Hopefully this will take care of things. He said that if this didn't work they would have to inject cortizone in my neck (hyoid bone) :eek: I think I will make this medicine work!
My thyroid issues seem to be okay! I feel pretty good! I even went to my 30th high school reunion last weekend. I was even hit on! I told my hubby and he thought that was funny and called me a "hottie".
Has anyone had any problems with their throat like me and is there any relation to the thyroid. I hate to blame this on that, but just wondering.
I woke up this morning and gagged down my cytomel and synthroid. It seems I can taste it for quite awhile afterwards. Ugh. I am still hacking up yucky stuff too. It is funny that after taking 3 rounds of antib's there is still stuff in there. Where does it come from? I sure hope this ENT knows what he is doing with me. He told me that in a few days the prednisone will give me sleeping problems. Like I really need that! Oh well, this life is always a challenge isn't it? :wave:
Yeah, the meds taste awful, but the worst is the prednisone I am taking. I swallow it down with something to drink and it still leaves an awful taste. I really wonder if this ENT knows what he is doing. It is quite scary to be given so much medications and wonder if they are going to work. I hack all day long at work. I drink so much water too to try to soothe the throat. Here's to everyone feeling better! :bouncing: