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Hi-I have had AIHA since 1998. I felt just as you described in your first post. Thinking I was going to have a heart attack at 38. Unable to walk across the room. When I finally went in, the nurse said I looked anemic, the doctor ordered tests stat and found my hematacrit was 18. I was put on the prednisone at 80 mg and tapered down. It took 6 months to get completely off of it, once I got down to the 5 mgs, it was a little harder and I had to taper slower. I was fine afterward, my hematocrit stayed up around 36-39. This past June, I had bloodwork done and was very surprised to see my hematocrit was down to 29. I felt fine, but I started to notice little things like I had no color in my hands or nails. My eyelids and gums were grayish/pale.

I foolishly thought it was a one time thing...nope. it's something I need to have checked for the rest of my life. I'm at 5 mgs now, since Aug. and he said it may take a bit to get completely off, I told him if it meant I wouldn't relapse I'd be OK staying on it as a maintenece dose. My crit has been good, staying right at 39-40. We'll see. I go in again next week.
Hi, when you said you felt like you are having a heart attack, how does it feels? Chest pain across the chest? How does the anemia makes you feel that way? Is it due to the low oxygen in your body? Will someone be able to stop taking prednisone if their symptoms or blood level is good?