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Don't be so quick to buy into "its all in your head". Given your young age, unless you have been on steroids such as prednisone, your doctor may not be willing to script a DEXA bone scan, or your insurance company may balk at paying for one. However, there is a screening method, not as reliable as the DEXA, but which could detect possible bone loss at a reasonable cost. Technically, it is called Quantitative Bone Ultrasonometry. Basically, it is an ultrasound of the heel bone. The heel bone is measured because its bone is similar to that found in the spine and hip. This test usually only runs around $45 or so. I once had an Endocrinologist do an xray (?) of my wrist on my non-dominant arm as a screening baseline method whilst treating me for osteomalacia. I'm not sure of its value in evaluation bone loss or density.

Anyway, the heel screening might give you an indication whether a DEXA bone scan is justified despite your age.