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I have Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia which lead to a low B-12 level - it was 255, which the dr wasn't too concerned about until I pressed her - I was having serious heart palpatations, anxiety things - sorta like I was about to pass out, just feeling really strange and [email protected]! I thought it was all from coming off Prednisone, but she decided to give me a shot of B12 - I hoped I'd feel better immediately, but it took a week. I also supplement with sublingual B12 - from this board I learned to get the methylcobalamin, as it absorbs better, but it's harder to find - got it from a vitamin shop.

I also had these strange muscle twitches which scared me to death, but they've gotten better. I just had another B-12 Wednesday, so I'm hoping I continue to feel better.

It takes awhile, so don't be discouraged if you don't feel better immediately. But keep getting the shots and if you don't improve, keep insisting something be done until you do. B12 defiiciency is nothing to mess around with.