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Hi Flustered,

You are welcome to tell your whole story here. That is what this board is for! You may teach us something and by hearing your story, you might get a little more help, than not telling! It is certainly worth a try.

I have not heard of that type of arthritis, before. Did the doctor give you any explanation, when you were diagnosed? Do you take any medicines for it?

My hands and fingers, used to swell a lot! About a month ago, my rheumatologist gave me prednisone and relafen. This has helped with my swelling and hurting hands, quite a lot! I was and still am taking skelaxin and ultram also. I have only been diagnosed for a little over 2 years. So, the dr. and I are still working on the best posible combinations of medicine. Have not quite gotten my dosage right yet.

Hope you get some more help and answers.

I would see a rheum. Antibodies fluctuate in your blood. (abnormally high is still that). You can have RA without the antibodies as well. I get the hives on the palms of my hands too. The worst ever. Of course I'm not definate in any disease-my immune system is showing antibodies for a few different autoimmunes which my doc calls general autoimmune disease. A general overactive immune system that is affecting things, but nothing specifically for one disease. Still it is treated like all the others-prednisone and anti malarials. Let me know how it goes!