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Hi Creinha,

Thanks for replying. My sores just cam up about a week or 2 ago. I started on Prednisone and Relafen about 2 mo. ago. My dose goes up and down depending on the weather and the pain.

Some of my sores/rash are just like red dots. They do not do anything, unless I itch them and then they turn into sores. And then some are like small light brown circles with beige in the middle. When my RA is real bad, they turn red and pink. If I do not scratch them, they just stay that way. I put neosporin on all my sores at least once a day. And then there are some flakey type sores/places. If I scrape at the flakes, then they become red and the flakes come off. It seems like there are about 3 different kinds of sore, on my hands, finger mostly and just past my wrists, on my arms.

I have not shown my Rheumatologist, because they were not there the last time I saw her! I go on the 20th of Feb., so...

What is contact dermatitis? And what do you do for it?

Thanks again.

Contact dermatitis is like an allergic reaction. I always take prednisone for it. I'm shocked the prednisone isn't helping yours. Maybe you could take a picture of your hands just in case it goes away before your next appointment?
Legally Blondied,

Thanks for the reply. Every little bit helps. My Prednisone is not for my sores, it is for my RA that is in a lot of places on my body. It does help me.

Where are your huge nodes and what do they look like and how big are they? Do they stay there all the time???

Thanks again.

Hi Karen,

I really do not know that much about Rheumatoid Arthritis. When my family dr. first referred me to a rheumatologist, my rheumy dr. diagnosed me with osteo. So, she treated me for that for about 1 year. Then it was mainly in my left knee and my back. She gave me tramadol (ultram) and skelaxin (muscle relaxer). They worked some what. I cannot too strong of meds, because I have stomach problems.

Then about 6 - 9 mo. ago, she did more blood tests and my sed rate and other tests suggested RA to her (I guess). So, I stayed on the two original meds. (but upped to 4 x day). Plus she added relafen and prednisone. My dose goes up and down, depending on how much I hurt and if the weather is cold. I live in the Houston area, so, it is not too often too cold. I am now taking 2 each of the new meds.

She also had both of my hands x-rayed. Have you had your hands x-rayed? Is there nothing they can do for your nodes? Do they get bigger? Do you take meds for your Osteo? And can you use your hands at all? Like - I used to do temp. office work, and I do not know if I could use my hands like that all day long?!

My daughter (eldest, now almost 30), did dancing and gymnastics. Her back and her knees hurt her a lot now. Her knees have been popping for years. I just know that she is going to be diagnosed with one of the arthritis diseases in the future! Poor thing, part genetic and part caused by past doings!!!

Let me know at what age you knew you had arthritis and at what age you were diagnosed? That will give me some idea for my daughter.

I will find out more about my disease when I go to my Rheumatologist on the 20th. She is very thorough and pays attention to everything. She looks at your whole body, just about!

Take care.

Hi All,

LegallyBlondied, you sound like you are in great pain. I do not know how you do it on only that much meds! You must be a very strong person.

Glojer, Thanks for the information about the autoimmune diseases. I will check it out on Wed. Fixing to go to bed - is already a late night, but cannot sleep. That happens a lot! My hands are really red at the moment. Do not seem to be getting any better. I cannot decide whether to call my rheumy on Wed., or just wait til Mon. and tuff it out. Or, I could just up my prednisone and relafen, which my dr. has done before (that is, if I have enuf meds). Take them 3 times a day, instead of 2?!

Or, I could up my Skelaxin and tramadol, from 3 times a day to 4 times a day? Going on a trip out of town to see my daughters. And I do not know if I can make it, with out something more for this flare - or whatever else it may be?!

Thanks again, everyone.

Take care,