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This all started around 5 weeks ago, so this might be long, I apologize. The issues started with swelling in my left wrist. No pain, no injury to area, I just couldn't get my watch on one morning when getting ready for work. My watch has always been 2 links to big, and wouldn't fit. There was no pain, but it worried me so I went to a walk in clinic, had blood work, kidney/liver function, thyroid, cbc. All normal. Within the next week or two my right wrist also started to swell, exact areas as the left. Inner wrist bone (thumb side) has lswollen area, lump about one inch long following the bone, and top of my wrist (right below hand) has swollen lump. Following the right wrist swelling, pain began. After sleeping and waking, I can barely move my fingers and can not move my wrists at all. Using the bathroom is a chore because it causes severe pain to bend my wrist in order to wipe and severe pain shooting up my thumb by gripping the toilet paper. Washing my hair hurts and trying to brush my hair is very painful. Within a few hours of using my hands, the pain begins to subside, however, my fingers are VERY stiff, they feel like I need to crack them, however, they won't "bend" the way the used to in order to crack them. Within another week, my ankles began to swell, again this started in the left ankle, no pain, then began in my right also, again no pain, however, within the week, upon waking I can not walk, my toes / feet hurt so bad.

Went to another doc who was "stumped", however gave anti-inflammatory (mobic). Within 2 days the pain was WORSE upon waking, and would even wake me up within the night. I was told to wear wrist splints while sleeping to keep my wrists still, however, my wrists swell so bad the splints were cutting into my arms and cutting off circlulation to my hands, making the pain much worse (if imaginable) and fingers now swelling way worse also. I called the doc back, he called me back in to see the doc,(come to find out, first person I was was a nurse practitioner). This doc also had no idea, was surprised at the amount of swelling in my wrists / ankles / feet / legs. Was surprised the mobic was not working, but told me to keep taking as he was concerned I may swell worse if not taking it. He ordered additonal blood work to include sed-rate, RH or RT (forgot the name, but the rhematoid test) and ANA .....today I could not walk or move my hands for about 30 minutes upon waking and my feet were so swollen that they wouldn't fit in my shoes.

I called him this morning to tell him it was getting worse. Was told the RA (whatever the name) came back fine and the sed-rate was also normal. He now wants me to go have my wrists x-rayed. I asked what about my ankles / legs / feet. He said he is also referring me to a rheaumatodist (spelling?). When I asked why I was seeing the rhem. if my rheum. test came back normal, he stated they handle "joint" issues and my problem was out of his "scope"....huh? He also called in methylprednisolone to help bring down the swelling and get the pain "under control". I just took my first dose, 6 pills (24 mgs) and am supposed to continue to take them for the next 5 days, the dose tappering down each day.

In the mean time, I just sit and wait until the rheum can see me. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone? I'm concerned by the way the swelling started in LEFT wrist, no pain, moved to the right, then pain. Same with leg / ankle swelling ..started in the LEFT before moving to the right and then came the pain.

What about the steroids? Will they help when the doc has said my sed rate and Rheum test came back fine? Should I be worried about taking the prednisone? How much weight can I expect to gain during this week?

Does this sound like a type of arthritis? I think the swelling is what has the doc stumped. Also ....why would I be prescriped steriods, when one of the side effects is "bone / joint pain" and "ankle swelling" ???/ This is what I already have. Sorry so long....but I really need some advice !!