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Hi Everyone and Anyone!

Please give me any info that you have and can share. I go to a rheumatologist. I like her very much and think she has helped me a lot. It just takes a long time to figure out exactly what works the best for which patient.

This is my question and/or statement. I take (at the moment) Skelaxin, Ultram, Relafen, Prednisone and just the past 4 weeks, Methotrexate, from this doctor. I think that my dr. will slowly take me off of the Prednisone and possibly some of the other drugs too. That is, when she gets me to the correct level of the Methotrexate.

I was told by my rheumy dr., to call her if I got any infections diseases or illnesses. Apparently, Methotrexate and/or one of my other drugs is not supposed to be taken with antibiotics or other drugs, that family drs. give for sinus infections, bronchial infections and the like.

Well I called and her nurse told me to call the family dr. and they told me to come in. I am taking antibiotics, but they had to give me one of a few kinds that I am supposedly able to take???!!! Have yall ever heard of that? No bad side effects yet. And the antibiotics will be gone in about 4 or 5 days.

Does anyone know, why they do this and what would happen if I took the wrong kind of antibiotics??? There are also, a lot of things that I cannot take that are over the counter. I just depend on the pharmacist for that information.

Are we people with RA more prone to get infections and such illnesses that are infectious??? It seems that the sore that I get, do not heal as well either. Anyone have that either???

Thanks for listening, if you made it this far. And please answer if you have any knowledge of this.

Take care.