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Run down ....about 6 months ago I started having severe muscle fatigue. My large muscles felt like I had been working out, very sore, etc. However, I had not been working out. This went on for about 2 months, and then just stopped. Around the same time these symptoms subsided, I began having swelling in my wrists, so much that I could not wear my watch and you couldn't see any of my wrist bones. I went to the doc when the swelling first happened and had several blood tests run, CBC, Thyroid, Liver / Kidney Function, Diabets. All test were negative. The swelling went away, so I figured it was a fluke.

Then about 2 weeks later, the wrist swelling returned and this time accompanied by pain. I could not bend my wrists for at least 1 - 2 hours upon waking as this caused severe pain. I also began to have swelling in my ankles / feet so bad that I could not fit my feet into most of my shoes. I would elevate my feet / legs at night but that did not take away the swelling. Within a few days my fingers also began to swell and were painful to move, wouldn't bend to make a fist, etc. I went to another MD who ran additional testing ...Sed-Rate, ANA and RA, again all normal. While I was waiting for the blood test results to come back, they put me on NSAID, Mobic, which did nothing. I also stopped my BC pills, thinking they might be the culprit. This did nothing, I was in such severe pain, I could not brush my teeth, or hold a hair brush. My doc put me on the meth- pred pack. Within the fist day dose of 60mg, I was instantly better !! I could not believe it, however, by day 5, the dose was lowered to 4mg and the pain / swelling in both wrists / fingers / ankles / feet had returned even worse then before.

I was then referred to a Rheum, who put me back on Prednisone, low dose of 15 mg for 3 weeks and Plaquenil .....my hands still swell, however, not as bad every day. Some days I wake up and can barely move, my hands won't bend or actually straighten all the way, very puffy, no "wrinkles" in my fingers, large lump on my wrists and then other days I can "kind of" move my hands and the swelling isn't as bad ........but it's never gone.

Rheum also re-did my blood work, the RA, ANA and Sed-rate, this time also included the Hep A,B and C ....because some of the meds can effect your liver / kidney and you can't take if you have Hep. Again, all testing negative.

I feel like I can not get a diagnosis !! I'm still taking pred / plaquenil, but they don't know what's wrong with me !!

I'm very frustrated and very scared. I had watched a special on "medical incredible" and this lady having my same symptoms was diagnosed with Sceleroderma (spell?) I've been looking this up on line, but it seems the only symptom I have is the constant swelling. The lady on the TV show also only had the swelling for 10 years before it started effecting her skin and they tested her for the other.

Any ideas? If I had an auto-immune disorder wouldn't this show on my ANA and Sed-rate testing? I've had them done twice !!!
Hi Thesedays,

I agree with CTuit. In my case, it took almost a year for my sed rate to show anything. I am now diagnosed with RA - Agressive, Chronic. I take Skelaxin (muscle relaxer), Ultram (low pain relief), Prednisone (am getting off, slowly), Methotrexate (takes a long time to work and have to take other things while building up), and Relafen. The combination helps quite a bit, but I still have swelling in my wrists and hands and fingers. Just not as much!

Be sure and go to your Rheumy every 2 - 3 mo., till you find the best combination of drugs for you. And if your dr. does not seem to be working with you, find another. I just happened to find a very very good one. She is the best.

Take care and I hope you feel better, soon.

Oh ...that is bad news !!

I've seen this rheum twice, so maybe that isn't log enough? I'm just NOT getting any better and at times, even worse.

I've been on prednisone for 3 months now and I want off it ......I'm supposed to be lowering my dose to 1/2 pill per day (2.5 mg) and she said if I can't, just stay at 5mg per day ....I don't want to stay on it. Somedays I can take just the 1/2 pill, but other days I take 1/2 pill that morning and can't move by the evening so I take the other 1/2 pill !!

She also stated upon my next visit, if I'm not better, she wants to start methotrexate .......I just don't like taking all this medicince without a diagnosis !!