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I am feeling the same way. You have described the way my head feels to a tee. How did you get rid of it? I have suffered from this problem since November. I have been on 4 rounds of antibiotic and prednisone. (3 head cts, but no MRI) My last round was in March and April, May were great very little head pain. I cant say I have a headache I have horrible pressure top of my head, next day on the side of my head (both sides) then around. Doctor keeps telling me tension headaches, but come on everyday. I just dont know. Now for the past 3 weeks I have had horrible pain, ears hurting, nasal junk running down back of throat and sneezing. What can I do? I take Allegra and Cingulair, squirt junk up my nose, What am I doing wrong? I guess I am so upset about this because I got a taste of pain free 2 months and I really thought I was cured. No luck, if anybody has any ideas I am all ears. If you have experienced this tell me about it please!!!!

I forgot to add I too get the pain on bridge of my nose, It is hard to believe that this is allergies.