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Hi thesedays,

I think we have talked before about this problem. It is very hard to get off of Prednisone!!! Plus the side effects. I do not have the hair problem. But, gained the 20 lbs.

I cannot remember when my rheumy told me to start knocking back my pred. amts. But, she put me on methotrexate about 3 mo. ago. Probably about that same time?

I know I was taking 2 Prednisone every morning (possibly more during an old flare, many many months ago). I take the Methotrexate 1 time a week and have upped it every month, til now. Now I am taking 6 methotrexate 1 time a week.

Well, so far, I have taken 2 pred., 1 day and 1 pred, the next. Then 2 pred., 1 day and 1 pred. the next. And so on. I talked with my Rheumys nurse today and was told to drop back to 1 Prednisone every day.

When I first started doing the dropping of the dose, I could really feel it. It does make you hurt, bad!!! But, I just bear it and try not to do too much or talk to much, or something nasty might come out of my mouth! :> I imagine the next few weeks will be bad too. I do have a light pain med. and a muscle relaxer in addition to the Methotrexate - plus I still take Relafen. I am making it, but sure is not easy. I just have to get off of Prednisone.

I have my daughters wedding trip and her reception 2 weeks later coming up, so I will be on the 1 x each day, for probably 1 month or more. No more dropping the dose for a while. Also, I cannot go back up on my dosage, because I am sure that if I asked my rheumatologist would not give me more meds. She is very good but very straight forward.

Sorry I was not much help. I probably have told the above, before.

How long have you been on the prednisone? I've been on it since I had my first RA symptoms and was diagnosed back in December. I've been on 10mg since then and recently went up to 15mg. I have gained weight but no additional hair...as of yet anyway. If the plaquenil isn't helping I would probably move on to the methotrexate...of course this depends on how long you've been on the plaquenil as it can take a few months to work. I am currently on Prednisone, Plaquenil, Methotrexate, Folic Acid, Voltaren, Prevacid, Ultram and I started on Enbrel about a month ago. My rheumatologist is being fairly aggressive in treatimg me and in trying to find a regimen that works.

I wish you luck in finding the right combo :)