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I dont think I gave an update of my appt. It cost £110, cheaper than I expected; roughly 40 minutes consulting time.

After the consulting was done, he said I had 3 things to try, as I'm very sensitive, and will react under clothing, and other sunscreens dont help.

1/ I was urged to try sunsense ultra 60, and the 'daily face' sunscreen which can go on under makeup. (which works better than any other sunscreen I've tried so far.)

2/ To 'trial' Plaquinel for 30 days. (This helps my sensitivity, but isnt a cure)

3/ Last option is to do PUVA, but he thinks its going to be risky for me in particular, as I'm likely to 'break out' all over during treatment. And even so, it might only help thru summer, and I'll still have to keep covered, lots of sunscreen.

He did go online, and compare my skin to some pics he found, and I was able to discuss treatments in an open manner; not like during GP visits, where they no nothing, and think you are blowing it all out of proprtion.
The possibility of me have a short course of prednisone as and when for any 'sunny' break or holiday, and was told to try holidays in october (as I've been to scared to go anywhere since I was a teen and am 33 now, due to a severe reaction one year)

I was given a stronger steroid cream for any 'bad times'.

He suggested that using anti histamines did not treat the problem, and I tend to agree, since I still itch and burn from my sun reaction even after trying 'stronger' ones.

All in all, it was money well spent in my eyes, and since using Plaquinel I've been able to go for a few short outings, and even take a short break at a seaside resort, and go the beach with a T Shirt on (like normal people! lol)(lots of spf 60+!) even tho it was late in the afternoon. This was unheard of last year, and every year before.