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Hi, hope everyone is feeling good today. I have a realy bad flare every three months without fail. And about a week before I get realy tired and then I know when that month it is going to happen. Last week I had an appointment with my gp. i go once a month to get my blood pressure checked. I told him about being so tired and he said that it was a combination of RA, medications and Anemia. That was last week and today I am in alot more pain and stiffness. It feels like my flare is right on shcedule. I am taking NSAID, Prednisone, Methotrexate and Plaquenil for my RA. The last two flares my gp told me to increase the Prednisone up to 20mg per day for a few days but that did not help with the pain, swelling or the stiffness. Now since I am at the begining of the flare I was thinking of increasing the Prednisone now before the pain gets to bad. Then it might not get to bad then. This is my second month with the Plaquenil added to the combo and my first flare. I would also like to stay on the same dose to see if the Plaquenil is helping me at all. I don't know if I should increase or not to increase. Any suggestions would me great.
Hi annette, Hope this finds you well. I would definately discuss this with your rheumatologist. Steroids, while extremely efective with inflammation, have a host of problematic side effects. If you are only getting major flares every 3 months perhaps using a dose pack of medrol or a quick burst of prednisone with a taper back to your regular dose would be the answer. Also, kenelog injections may be something to look into when you have a flare, as an alternative. The least amount of steroids used long term the better. Also make sure you are talking with your Dr about regular bone scans and calcium/magnesium suplements or age depending perhaps something like fosomax. Watch your sugar intake also with steroids. Take care, cactuslily