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I'm so upset. Pain started in wrists / swelling / pain. Then went to hands / fingers.

Was on prednisone for 6 months, plauenil, nothings working. My Rheum sent me to an ortho hand specialist yesterday who states I do NOT have RA or even arthritis and that they've been treating me needlessly for the past 6 months.

I have severe carpal tunnell and something called dequervian's tendinitis.

He also states that since the pain /swelling started with teh dequervian's tendinitis that if I would have been properly diagnosed from the beginning, and treated as such (shots of cortisone) the other problems I am having now would not be happening !!

My left hand is so severe now I have NO Feelling what so ever in my thumb, pointer and middle fingers. I have huge ganglion cysts on the tops of my hands and basically am not functioning well.

I have to go for a nerve conduction study on the 24 and go back to see him on the 28, he is positive we will be scheduling surgery at this time.

Could this be right? Could my primary MD and the rheum have been misdiagnosing me and mis-treating me this entire time?