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I know that quite a few of us AIHAers are on these Boards. Can anybody give me their experiences with gall bladder removal?

25 years ago I had acute pain which was diagnosed as a gall stone. Although a scan showed a fairly large stone my surgeon decided to wait and see what was happening and for me to have immediate surgery only if the pain returned. I had no more pain.

I had ‘active’ AIHA for about 18 months which was luckily brought under control by Prednisone. Last year, almost 12 months after my AIHA went into remission, I had discomfort in my abdomen which was uncomfortable enough for me to take 2 Paracetamol tablets. As I have been very wary about taking any medicines I mentioned the pain killers to my Consultant Haematologist the following week when I had my 2 monthly blood check. I also told him that the discomfort felt like a very mild version of the pain I had experience with the gall stone. . BOY do I wish I had never mentioned those 2 Paracetamol tablets to my Consultant!!!!!!!!:dizzy:

My Gall bladder was scanned again and I have more gall stones

I have had no more discomfort whatsoever but another 12 months down the line I have been told repeatedly that I have to have my Gall Bladder removed. :eek: That it is a common operation for all AIHA sufferers.

I realize that a side effect of hemachromatoses is that gall stones can occur and that is what is probably happened to me but could anyone help me with the following questions.
• Does hemachromatoses continue at a high level even when you are in remission?
• Is cholecystectomy really so inevitable?
• Have you been pressured to have your gall bladder removed?
I have had AIHA since 1997, Over the years I have been treated with Prednisone, Imuran, had my spleen removed in 1998, numerous blood transfusions, haemoglobuglobin transfusions, rituxan 2 treatments, cyclosplorin (caused siezures), gall bladder removed last year with toxic liver levels at the time. Now I'm on cellcept(I LOVE THIS DRUG) prednisone and touch wood have been good since having the gall out and the combination of drugs. I definitely think having the gall out has done something for me, unlike the spleen. When I first was diagnosed I had the abdo pains way back in 97. After having 2 ultrasounds last year they finally found the small granulated gall stones bout 50 of em some sort record the hospital reckons(caused by medication etc.) This was my second hospital stint last year 4 and 1/2 weeks June and Nov 5 weeks (gall removed) been good since. I think I may have finally nailed this bloody disorder. so to speak. So I definitely think having the gall out is a good idea.