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Hi teachergirl,

I have had RA for about 2 yrs. or so. I have been diagnosed as osteo, then RA. At the moment I am supposed to be taking Methotrexate and relafen and 1/2 prednisone and skelaxin. I just had a hysterectomy - so am not quite back on all of the meds. (Metho.).

This is my question to you... about the insurance companies, covering the medications or not. I know there are a couple that mine will not pay for, but cannot remember. They are paying their 80% for the ones I am on now.

What about ones with shots, either at the drs. ofc. or at home??? Or where the people come and sit in the Rheumatologist Ofc. and get treated with something???

Please let me know what yours does and does not cover (and if you found out before taking them), as I am just not healing anything - anywhere on my body!!!