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For myself, at least, I would rather see the rheumy at my worst. I was in a moderate flare and by the time I saw a rheumy for the first time, it was waning a bit. So I don't think by what we spoke about that he really knew the extent of how bad my flares sometimes got. Plus I never saw any other docs regularly so had no previous records from other docs, nothing to go on except for what I told him about my past. He probably thought I wasn't that bad & had me try a few prescription anti-inflammatories, most of which I became allergic to. Then all of a sudden I went downhill fast where I could hardly walk anymore from all the pain & swelling in all my joints. Then I made an emergency appt and I don't think he thought I ever really got that bad, until he saw me that way. Right away he started me on prednisone & plaquenil and had me coming in every 2 weeks for several months.

I've just had (as I'm sure many others have) some bad experiences with docs who don't seem to believe what you tell them, especially if they can't see it right then. So it is my opinion, that it may be better to hold off the nsaid's until you see the rheumy. (Of course I'm not a doctor, just offering my opinion)