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Sorry this is going to be long.

DS is 9. He has had allergies since he was 1. He used to have severe food allergies. He tested allergic to 28 different things. Anaphylactic shock once after eating cashews (before he had been tested). Hives every day of his life. Nose bleeds, sneezing, stuffy/runny nose, etc. Eventually, the food allergies seemed to improve. He still does not ever consume any type of nut, dairy, eggs or soy. His hives are infrequent (maybe once every two weeks). He does not consume any dyes or preservatives and all of our household products are natural.

He has always tested allergic to dust, mold, tree and grass pollen, dogs and cats. He had allergy shots two different times when he was younger and reacted so badly that the allergists wouldn't give him anymore. He was given shots again about a year ago and did great for the first three shots and then had a severe reaction. They were giving him minuscule doses. No shots since.

You name the medication and he has tried it, honestly. The thing that works best is Atarax. In addition, he gets Benadryl often. Every nose spray ever prescribed has caused severe nose bleeds. We have also tried herbs and homeopathic, without much success. He netty pots regularly.

We do not have a single bit of carpet in our house. All beds are completely covered. I vacuum all the time with an allergy vacuum. No smoking or animals. We have air purifiers and the best filters we could get for our furnace. We have moved three times in his nine years and his symptoms are the same. Two of the moves took place in Michigan. Two years ago we moved to FL. DS was great for a good 8 to 9 months. We were so certain it was the climate up north. Nope! He is just as bad now, if not worse.

DS just finished 10 days of Prednisone. He was flaring so bad that he needed it for relief. It worked great and continued to work for two weeks after. He is now right back to "normal" which means he sneezes at least 50 times a day. His nose is stuffed beyond stuffed. His eyes itch like crazy. He always sounds and looks like he has a horrible cold. That said, he is rarely sick. He has only been on antibiotics twice in his life for illness. He did have tonsils and adenoids out when he was four because of sleep apnea.

What the heck are we missing? How can I get this poor kid to feel better. There has to be something that will help him that some doctor hasn't thought of. His allergist is great and always trying to help but nothing works. She says he is truly a mystery. Great! Any advice, ideas? Thanks!